Class Descriptions

Dance – At Rhythms we LOVE to dance for the fun of it! Every instructor wants to plant the seeds of movement and music through joy. As you dance, your coordination improves and your sense of rhythm, balance and strength increase. Have we forgotten to mention that you get a good sweat? We view dance as the doorway to the soul – a place where the body expresses the parts of us that words cannot.

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Yoga is a word from Sanscrit meaning union, becoming one with yourself and remaining still at the center of a storm. We offer a variety of classes from basic to more advanced, yet what remains consistent are the foundational principles of breath and consciousness through movement. Each teacher is dedicated to his or her own practice and in all humility brings themselves to the mat as a student as well as a teacher inviting you to join them in a deeper physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-exploration.

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Mind Body Fitness – Who said that working out had to be boring and tedious? Here at Rhythms we challenge this concept. We have developed a new model to help you increase your cardiovascular capacity, strength and flexibility without burning out. Discover vitality, not exhaustion, as you follow your breath and bring consciousness into your workouts. Being mindful means being present in the moment: to what is happening right now (sensations, feelings and thoughts) and expanding your limitations without force. Invite your body, mind and spirit to grow stronger and more vital with one of our mindful fitness classes.

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