At Rhythms we LOVE to dance for the fun of it! Every instructor in both our children and adult classes wants to plant the seeds of movement and music through joy. As you dance, your coordination improves and your sense of rhythm, balance and strength increase. Have we forgotten to mention that you get a good sweat? We view dance as the doorway to the soul – a place where the body expresses the parts of us that words cannot.

Below are dance classes that we offer:.

Shake Your Soul® – Shake Your Soul® is a moving experience where music inspires your spirit, dynamic movements free your body and entrancing rhythms call forth the power of your soul! Shake Your Soul® draws from modern and African dance, body-mind centering, yoga, qi gong and Body-Centered Expressive Therapy. All of these influences merge into a seamless whole that evokes spirited movement that’s healing for your physical and emotional heart.

Kizomba is a sensual partner dance which was developed in Angola, Africa, during the 1980’s.  Being closely related to Bachata, this dance is well recognized for its mesmerizing, romantic flare. You and your partner connect to become one and get lost in the Kizomba music.
In their classes, Ricky and Nikki introduce the musicality, techniques, and fundamentals of various Kizomba styles.  Together, they teach the basic steps, challenge where you get to challenge yourself and, eventually, progress to more intricate steps and movements. They enjoy delving into different cultures because they believe through dance that they can bring a community of different backgrounds together.
Read more about our “host teachers” Ricky and Nikki by visiting their facebook page.