Mindful Fitness

Who said that working out had to be boring and tedious? Here at Rhythms we challenge this concept. We have developed a new model to help you increase your cardiovascular capacity, strength and flexibility without burning out. Discover vitality, not exhaustion, as you follow your breath and bring consciousness into your workouts. Being mindful means being present in the moment: to what is happening right now (sensations, feelings and thoughts) and expanding your limitations without force. Invite your body, mind and spirit to grow stronger and more vital with one of our mind body fitness classes.

Here are some classes that we offer:.

Cycling, Sculpting & Yoga – A great cardio, strengthening and stretching class! On the bike for 30 minutes of cardio and then off the bike for 30 minutes of sculpting with weights, bands and a variety of plyometrics. A final core Pilates workout will be followed by deeper yoga postures. You will leave feeling strong, supple and energized. View our guidelines for indoor cycling

Hiking & Yoga– What a better way to begin the day. We meet at Rhythms @ 7:00 a.m. sharp and begin our journey in Kennedy Park (huge park behind Rhythms). We take a few deep breaths, set an intention, sometimes practice mindfulness paying attention to sounds, sights, smells and taking in the overall beauty of the early morning environment. We end 45 minutes later and gather at the studio for a 30 minutes yoga flow which ends with a short relaxation. Dogs are welcome if well behaved.