Chantal  yogaYoga is a word from Sanskrit meaning union, becoming one with yourself and remaining still at the center of a storm. We offer a variety of classes from basic to more advanced, yet what remains consistent are the foundational principles of breath and consciousness through movement. Each teacher is dedicated to his or her own practice and in all humility brings themselves to the mat as a student as well as a teacher inviting you to join them in a deeper physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-exploration. Rhythms offers a variety of yoga/mindfulness classes.


Gentle Yoga with Michael Pulitzer Jr.
A one-hour gentle yoga class: Students are invited to move at their own pace. Arrive with a beginner’s mind! The intention of the class explores breathing techniques, flow of energy, postures for stretching and strengthening, and all classes end with time for meditation. I encourage the student to meet themselves where they are at and in so doing connect to the mind, the body, the breathe and spirit, letting energy flow with compassion.
Gentle Yoga with Greg DiLisio
This class begins with a centering, stillness, and movement coordinated with your breathing. You’ll rise gradually from sitting or lying down postures up to standing and practice foundational standing yoga poses. Depending the class energy level, there will be several very gentle and safe-for-beginners sun salutations. There will be several yin yoga postures, relaxing restorative yoga and shavasana. Greg’s particular style fosters introspection through graceful movements coordinated with your breath, and features equal components of energy and stillness. All are welcome.

Heart Centered Flow Yoga: One of the key principle of yoga is to help us lead a balanced life where body, heart, mind and spirit are all connected. It is said that the heart is the seat of the soul. It has the ability to guide us in the midst of confusion and have us lead a life filled with compassion, appreciation and gratitude. When the heart is open it has “coherence” which is a rhythmical pattern that influences the entire body into harmony and healing. As part of this class we will practice Asanas from a heart centered place and end with a brief heart centered meditation.

Slow Flow Yoga (Beginner to Intermediate) – A vinyasa flow to awaken the body’s energy. Discover how to build up energy though movement and allow it to flow slowly.