Joyce Schroeder Peirce, MA, RYT

Joyce trained with Sue Hitzmann the creator of the MELT Method® (MELT) and became an instructor in 2012. Joyce is passionate about sharing these simple revolutionary techniques to help people de-stress, feel more comfortable, and increase their enjoyment of life through ease of movement. Go to for more information or call/text or email Joyce at 413-388-7044

Rasmani~Deborah Orth
attends Joyce’s class regularly.  Here’s what she has to say about MELT.

“The major reason I started was because of the injury in my knee.  MELT was the only thing I could do that would make my knee feel like it used to feel….the back of my leg felt fully open, the hamstring lengthened.  It was the only thing. And if I would do it everyday I would have that feeling everyday and it would last longer. And the knee is more healed now and I attribute a lot of that to MELT.

After the class I just feel like I’m floating, I feel so good.  Everybody should have the opportunity to feel this way. They talk about the parasympathetic nervous system being able to kick in. I think MELT is the best way to get it to happen and then you really know how it feels to be relaxed.”