Healing Power of Dance

I never considered myself the dancing type. For fifteen years I was an investment banker.  Climbing the corporate ladder and amassing things- the perfect apartment, great clothes, and shoes.  What I didn’t realize was that I had shut myself off from any connection that I had to my body and spirit.  There were signs that I was disconnected – a ripped calf muscle from running to catch a bus, weight gain, too many bruises and cuts from simple tasks where I just wasn’t present.  I just didn’t pay attention.

I had wandered, trying to find a fitness routine that fit me.  I had tried yoga on the mat in NYC and bristled at the strictness of my instructors who told me to just keep trying even though my body needed modifications.  I tried pilates, and although I loved it, ended up ripping that calf muscle on the way home from a session and never went back.  I tried spending hours on a treadmill and elliptical and lifting weights but never felt inspired.

I decided to leave New York City and move to the Berkshires in 2009.  Leaving my high stress lifestyle behind with no plan, I found myself on a retreat in the fall of 2010 looking for answers, for direction and a sense of what was next.  The movement in this program brought me to one directive for myself – I had to dance more.  What I envisioned was putting on some music and wiggling around in my garage – but what happened next changed the course of my life.

The next day I walked into a Shake Your Soul class and found joy, power, freedom and grace.  I connected with a vibrancy, aliveness, and sense of community that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time.  Having never trained in dance, I had always been scared to try one of these classes, but what I found was that I have the ability to connect to my inner dancer, my soul, and move from my heart.

Over the following year, I attended dance classes almost every day.  I then took JouneyDance training with Toni Bergins and Shake Your Soul Teacher Training with Dan Leven, in order to share the gifts I received in that first class and so many classes since then. 

When I finally led my first classes I knew in my heart that this was truly my calling.  Sharing my love of movement and community with others is what I am meant to do.  My classes are designed to guide students to get in touch with their bodies and spirit, maybe even for the first time in their life.

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