Miwaka O”Hara Lic. Ac.

Miwaka is a native of Japan and a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Massachusetts. She is also nationally certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the USA.

She is also licensed in Switzerland where she had a successful acupuncture practice for more than twenty years before moving to the USA in 2015.

She specializes in Japanese Toyohari Acupuncture. The word “Toyohari” literally translates as “East Asian Needle Therapy.” Toyohari was founded by blind practitioners in Japan, and evolved out of meridian therapy. Today it includes both blind and sighted practitioners. For the past four hundred years, visually impaired practitioners have played a major part in the development of acupuncture in Japan.

Because of its history, Toyohari has a strong emphasis on palpation and feeling the quality of the energy that flows through the meridian system.
Toyohari uses very gentle needling techniques with thin gauge needles and shallow insertion or non-insertion methods. The practitioner’s touch and needling techniques feel light and are non-invasive.

Miwaka is also one of a select few interpreters for the Toyohari Acupuncture Association, helping translate from Japanese-English and English-Japanese during master workshops with senior Japanese instructors in Europe and the USA.

Miwaka combines her unique skills, knowledge and insight to provide a deep and rich healing experience for her clients. She works in collaboration with her clients to facilitate positive change and bring about overall health and well being. Taking an integrative approach to health care, she treats each client as a unique individual.

Every client’s concerns, needs and goals are continuously listened to, addressed and re-addressed in order to provide the best possible care by treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit. She works to empower each client towards health in a safe and supportive healing environment.

To make appointments or to reach Miwaka please call on 413-717-9933 and email at miwakaohara@gmail.com. For more information please visit www.acuhari.com