Integrative Manual Therapy

Dr. Kain has had wonderful success
with a variety of ailments including:

Orthopedic, Neurologic, Musculoskeletal Problems,
Headaches/Migraines, Sports Medicine Injuries,
ADD/Autism, Scoliosis, Vertigo, TMJ,
Male/Female Issues, Sacral Dysfunction,
Work Related Injuries, Stroke,Multiple Sclerosis,
Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries,
and many more!

Dr. Kain’s background has included the use of dozens of manual techniques and approaches. Within the last 6 years, he has developed an exciting, unique, and proprietary approach called the “Combined Fulcra Approach©”. This approach utilizes energetic pathways throughout the body and beyond. This work replaces the majority of manual techniques that Dr. Kain has used in the past.

Additional approaches that Dr. Kain uses as adjuncts include:

• Master Reiki Level Work • Touch for Health
• Zero Balancing • Chua Ka
• Post-Traumatic Stress Release Technique • Cranial Sacral Therapy
• Primitive Reflex Release Therapy
• Process Acupressure • Unique Sports Medicine Approaches


• Bio Mat (Far Infrared Waves and Negative Ions)
• Bio Set (Bioenergetic Sensitivity & Enzyme Therapy)
• Nutritional Supplements • Homeopathics
• Kinesiotaping• Sole Support Orthotic Fabrication
• Ion Cleanse™ Detox Foot Bath
• Scalar Wave Cold Laser (Low-Level Light Therapy)