The Power of Purpose “on and off” the yoga mat

3 years ago I set the goal to do a “handstand”. At first, I could not even conceive of being able to hold my body weight with my arms. I didn’t have the strength and could not imagine lifting my legs up. So I made the decision to practice diligently and one day, after working at it particularly hard, I surrendered and stopped trying to “will” my way to it. I went into child pose, softened my heart and began breathing deeply remembering why I wanted to do this in the first place then tried again. My legs lifted effortlessly against the wall and there I was… upside down. I was so excited that I had to come down and try it again just to make sure that this was not a fluke. Then for the second time, I lifted myself up again! I knew from this point on, that I had created a new “pathway in my body-mind memory” and that no matter what “I would always “know” how to do this again”.

For years, I wanted to know what my “purpose” was and felt like I was truly looking for the holy grail. I read books, listened to coaches, attended seminars etc. Finding my purpose felt very mysterious and unattainable. What I didn’t know when I started practicing yoga 27 years ago, was that I was already starting to live my purpose. Intuitively, I was looking for a way back home inside myself, a way to re-align with my own truth. The practice of yoga helped me “feel” and get in touch with who I truly was. I began knowing from experience that only when “the mind quiets down the heart can be heard”.

Aligning with our purpose truly means aligning with our heart. It means that what we do and who we are is aligned with a deep connection to what we love and brings us joy. When we tap into the heart’s wisdom, a deeper strength comes to us one that can literally help us move mountains. All it takes to begin the journey is the willingness to take the first step and continue moving forward – one step at the time! So how do you know whether or not you are “aligned” with your purpose? There is a sense of “rightness” about what you do. It doesn’t mean that you don’t get tired but at the end of the day, you know that you have made your contribution to this world to the best of your ability. When I coach people who wonder how to figure this out, I offer a simple exercise, the “energy audit”. Simply, put your awareness and keep track of where you gain energy and where you lose it. In other words, it’s about being aware of what makes your heart sink or sing. Start your Energy Audit today…

  • Start to notice when your heart sinks or sings. Pay attention and note down what you are doing, who you are with, the type of environment you are in and the other details that are making you feel happy or stuck.
  • For a week, keep your “energy audit” journal where you will record your findings and look for themes. Awareness is a powerful tool, in fact it is the first step in making any change happen.

I coach women how to link their purpose to their prosperity and to make money doing what they love. Time and again I have seen doors open for the women who work with me, opportunities that they could not believe would be there – simply because they said “yes” to their selves. If you also feel the inner drive to know what that is for you, than make a decision to take the first step and say YES to your prosperous life! Please share with me what you have noticed for yourself in your Energy Audit. If you are ready to get clear about your purpose and how it will bring you prosperity, click here to schedule your complementary – Purpose to Prosperity Power Hour. You can also join me at one of my next Women Transformational Leaders and Entrepreneurs On Fire- events by clicking here. In the meantime… rock your world… your own way! Chantal

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