Catch the Wave

March 12, 2011

I recently returned from my first Shake Your Soul Teacher Training on the beaches of Mexico at Present Moment Retreat.  

Wow, leading this training which is based on moving from our fluid body--our synovial joint fluid, our cerebral spinal fluid, our intercellular fluid, our blood and our lymph, with the ocean as our dance partner was transformative.  

Dancing 100 yards away from the crashing waves of the Pacific ocean was the most powerful generator for our body's fluid movement I've ever experienced!  

It's hard to "stay stuck" or rigid when the crashing ocean waves literally vibrate your body fluids.  When I was teaching at the Gestalt Training program at Hartford Family Institute last week, I jokingly shared with my colleagues that I found the cure for "impasse"--which in Gestalt terminology is a place of psycho-physical-energetic stuckness.  

Now, given that a fair amount of my life process has been about working with impasse within myself, I have tremendous compassion for those of us who might get caught in these ruts in our mind, body and life.  

So, I take great joy in the body psychotherapy process work, as I make friends with, bring support, understanding and options to our stuck places.  

On the other hand, I'm already planning my next February teacher training program on the beaches of Mexico!!  In fact, I'm thinking about adding a SomaSoul workshop there called Finding Freedom!

Now for a distillation of an ocean experience you can do at home:
Imagine for a moment that the force and flow of the ocean and rivers lives inside your body with the surging and pulsing gushes of blood through the rivers of your blood vessels and the waves of fluids ripple between all the cells of your muscles and organs.  

Also, with each full breath you take the change in pressure between your abdominal and thoracic cavity helps circulate all the fluids in your body. 

We are walking oceans on land.  To return to our fluid nature is one of the most recuperative activities we can engage in. That's why even swaying or pulsing to the rhythmic beats of music resonates with our intrinsic heart-rhythm and our fluid-nature!  So sway, pulse, flow!! 

Here's a couple of my favorite "new songs" to find your ocean flow and funk to.  OK...I'm a glee fan aka gleek and this past week Gwenyth Paltrow was on the show and did a fantastic rendition of Landslide (originally a Stevie Nicks song).  You can find it on Season 5 of Glee.  The other great song, one of my recent grads shared with me (thanks Ron) by Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell is called Grateful.

Remember: movement or dance is recuperative. When you are tired mentally, physically or energetically you may need to move and not "rest" per se.  

We recuperate from the stagnation of our "dry land" lives and reconnect with our own aquatic origins of life reminiscent of living within our mother's amniotic fluid. Our first knowings of being alive were within our mother's ocean.

So, try for 5 minutes each day to let yourself sway, pulse, undulate and flow with music that speaks to your soul!  Notice how you feel before the 5 minutes of movement and then do a body scan and notice how you feel after.  Come back home to your inner fluid nature and feel your cells in your body come alive with joy and vitality!    

The other option is to book a flight to some place in the South--east or west coast and play in the ocean.


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